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You can see live tracking of a vehicle or asset on map from your phone, tablet or computer

You have option to use either Google or Openstreet map

Live location and moving or stopped status of all your vehicles are shown on a large map. Useful when you have multiple assets located in different locations

You can select any date and watch the asset movement along with time and speed, on the map. History up to 90 days are readily available to you.

Dashboard acts as the opening page showing live tiles. These tiles show number of devices, their status, single click tracking tile, alerts & notifications and big map tile for live location overview of all your devices

You can select between dates and time to have distance covered by an asset

User and managers have the option of creating circular GT zones to mark any designated area or location of special interest. Alerts can be set when arriving or leaving from these designated areas

User and managers have the option of setting arrival and/or departure alerts whenever their vehicles enter or leave relevant GT zones. This helps to know exact arrival or departure of vehicles from any location.

Dashboard tiles tell you total number of assets linked to your account, number of online and offline among those.

Dashboard tile alerts you in case the device fitted in the asset is disconnected from the power source

You have the option to install SOS button in your vehicle so that in case of emergency the passenger or driver can raise an alarm

You have the option to install remote immobilisation service for the vehicle. In case you suspect the vehicle is stolen or hijacked, it can be stopped from your phone. Status of the vehicle as immobilised will show on dashboard tile

You have the option to have anti theft vibration alert service. When you park the vehicle and leave, arm the anti theft alert. In case of any attempts to your vehicle alerts will be raised. Don’t forget to disarm the alert system when you return to your car.

You have the option of fitting temperature sensor for vehicle cabin and monitor the cabin temperatures. Dashboard or email alerts are available whenever temperature is higher than set limit

This option is useful for refrigerated cargo carriers. You can have the option of installing cargo temperature probes and receive high cargo temperature alerts on dashboard and by email

You have the option of installing fuel level probes and receive low fuel alerts on dashboard and by email

Access our web application from your Phone, tablet or computer. This doesn’t take any space on your phone

Our system supports various make, model and types of devices that include vehicle trackers, asset trackers, personal trackers etc. Contact us for more information and compatibility of any specific device of your interest.

Our services are available for all countries and time zones. Our system will identify your time zone and show all the information in your local time.

Use cases

Tracking personal vehicles

People monitor their personal vehicles for safety and security of their loved ones. And monitor driving habits for chauffeur driven cars. Many users preferred our services for this purpose. Contact us for more information.

Tracking children's school run

Parents are concerned and like to be informed about the travel to school of their little darlings. Companies operating school pool cars & buses have partnered us to track, monitor and keep parents informed. Please contact us to know if your kid’s school transport is covered in our system.

Rent a cab

Cab rental companies partnered us to track their cabs. This helps them to optimise their operations and efficient billing to customers. They receive real-time information of the cabs including it’s location, speed, stopped or moving, operating status of cab’s air conditioning etc. They also have access to our reporting services. Customer’s benefit from the safer rides from provide geo-tracked cabs. Contact us to know more