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School is located at Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Escorted Healthcare trip for the Elderly

Many of us are living away from our elderly parents. Even though they can take care of themselves, while visiting doctors, hospitals or clinics, some assistance is always a help. We provide escorts with cab service to bring elderly parents safely to and from any healthcare appointment. Our escorts will take care of all their mobility needs during this trip. On top of this, you can monitor the entire trip in real time from your phone, tablet or computer. We follow a fair pricing model calculated on GPS based time and distance.

Rent a Geo tracked Cab and Travel safe

Book a vehicle from us, be it for a single day city tour or multiple days outstation trip or for Wedding or other events. You and your family can track all the vehicles real time on our Geo tracked mobility platform, from phone, tablet or computers. This provides you with enhanced safety. You also get economical pricing, transparent billing, multiple payment options and GST invoicing.

Track your Child’s School Run

It always helps to know when your little darlings have been picked up, have arrived at school, or are nearly home. Our Geo tracked mobility platform helps you to track your child’s school transport in real time from your phone, tablet or computer.