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For greater Peace of mind, use our geo-tracked mobility service

Rent safer cabs. Track children's school run. Track your owned vehicles

Geo-tracked Cabs make your travel safer

Book a vehicle from us, be it for a single day city tour or multiple days outstation trip or for Wedding and other events. You and your family can track each vehicle real time from phone, tablet or computers. This enhanced safety provides you peace of mind. You could select from 16 types of vehicles at economical price with transparent billing and multiple payment options


Book cabs based on distance & hours

Available from Kolkata

Tracking your Child’s School Run helps

Knowing your little darlings are safe keeps you at peace. Our geo-tracking platform shows you where the school transport is in real time via smartphone/tablets/computers.

Book tracking of children's school runs

Note! A minimum of 30 day(s) need to be selected.

Track your owned vehicle for safety and efficiency

Two most important factors for you as a vehicle owner are safety and efficiency in operations. We help you to improve on these. Use our GPS tracking services and notice reduction in wasted fuel, rash driving and over speeding. You would have more satisfaction due to better scheduling, utilization of economical routes and increase in overall safety

Tracking for your vehicle