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Why would you rent our cabs?

Why would you rent our cabs?

Our cabs are safer and offer you peace of mind.

When our family travels, we are often concerned about their travel experience and when we travel our family is concerned. During the travel people are out of sight. But with us, you or your family always know the cab’s location, the route it takes, real time speed and time it traveled, all from a phone/ tablet/ computer. And you pay no extra charges for this. All our cabs come with unique tracking feature, powered by our GPS based tracking platform. With each rental you receive the option of tracking from the primary tracking email and two additional emails for family or friends, creating additional layers of safety.

You can also plan better as you know the exact time of your guest’s arrival to the venue / destination.

You can select from a pool of 16 vehicles types as per your needs. Our cabs are maintained, and we ensure accurate billing.

You can get online estimate and make a booking on the portal or contact us for details and booking.

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